[LSI 운영위원회 연사초빙] KAIST 건설및환경공학과 / 손훈 교수님

서윤영, 2012-10-05 14:23:22

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Hoon Sohn, Ph.D.

KAIST Chaired Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department 

KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Daejeon, Korea


Laser based Structural Health Monitoring

This presentation will provide an overview of ongoing laser ultrasonics based structural health monitoring (SHM) activities in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at KAIST. Particular focus is given to (1) the development of a fully noncontact laser ultrasonic system that can easily visualize defects with high spatial resolution, (2) laser based wireless power and data transmission schemes for remote guided waves and impedance measurements, (3) minimization of false alarms due to varying operational and environmental conditions, and (4) extension to embedded laser ultrasonic excitation and sensing. SHM examples ranging from bridges to airplanes, as well as nuclear power plants, high-speed rails and wind turbines will be presented.



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[LSI 운영위원회 연사초빙] KAIST 건설및환경공학과 / 손훈 교수님

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